Opening speech

Opening speech
Of Mr. Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic
Chairman of the HCSR Supreme Council

The Syrian government has made intensive efforts to achieve scientific and technological development in Syria. These efforts led to the establishment of a national infrastructure for science and technology, which can be described as an acceptable or reasonable infrastructure for a developing country like Syria in spite of different pressures and the multiple crises surrounding us. It is possible to indicate the nature and levels of such infrastructure through the diversity of universities, colleges and educational institutions and scientific research centers and bodies in Syria. The scientific and technological infrastructure has generated through universities and educational institutions a significant national capital of capacity engaged in the current government. It also produced a fair amount of intellectual capital for the nation through Syrian scientific research centers and bodies.

The infrastructure output of the human capacity capital and the intellectual capital represent the supply factor in the development process and the first component in the infrastructure. As for the demand factor, a second component of the infrastructure is represented through services and production sectors currently operational in
. Accordingly, it can be said that the national infrastructure for science and technology is currently based on two aspects: scientific research bodies such as universities, research centers, namely the supplier of scientific research and human capacity, the second aspect is services and production sectors requesting the scientific research, technological development and knowledgeable human resources.

An analytical and critical view to the current situation of the national infrastructure for science and technology can reach a conclusion that it needs a third aspect to be a stable and viable infrastructure for growth and development. In this context, it is no secret that the third aspect is what might be termed intermediate or advisory or logistic and support institutions or centers of excellence and efficiency, which should make a link between supply and demand. The government is seeking to address this weakness in the infrastructure and technological structure through the establishment of intermediary and advisory entities in order to convert the infrastructure to a national system of science, technology and innovation. Here comes the Legislative Decree No. 68 of 2005 that states the foundation of the Higher Commission for Scientific Research to play the role of mediator, coordinator, supervisor and observer of the infrastructure performance and to do permanent feedback that will transform gradually all the scientific and technological infrastructure to real system for science, technology and innovation in order to be finally able to withstand competition in a changing and globalized world. 

In this occasion of starting the establishment process of the Higher Commission for Scientific Research and namely its current electronic gateway We stress on the current government's determination to support the Higher Commission for Scientific Research and We at the same time call on all supplying and demanding parties of the scientific research to cooperate with the Higher Commission to perform its functions especially elaborating a national policy for science, technology and innovation, innovation, which under its framework  must operate the desired national system of science, technology and innovation.  

    We also hope that the website of the supreme body with a national platform after the electronic transfer and management of scientific knowledge and Technological in
. We hope that the website of the Higher Commission will become later a national electronic platform for transferring and managing the scientific and technological knowledge in
. We also hope that the Higher Commission website will constitute the beginning of the establishment of a national center of information on scientific research.  

Finally, We say that one of the major objectives the government is seeking to achieve is accomplishing the foundation of the national system of science, technology and innovation, due to the essence of economic and social development in the early twenty-first century is based on science, technology and innovation, and will become in perspective a competitive strength of the state and society as a whole. 

  September 26, 2006