About the Commission

The Higher Commission for Scientific Research (HCSR) was established in 17.08.2005 in accordance with legislative Decree No. 68, which defines its objectives as follows:
1- Elaborating a comprehensive national policy for scientific research and technological development as well as the related strategies such as to meet the requirements of sustainable economic and social development. 
2- Providing full coordination among the scientific research bodies at all levels and in all areas. 
3- Supporting scientific research organizations to achieve their purposes at all levels, and in particular enhancing the budget that supports scientific research and the distribution of funds for scientific research organizations in accordance with their role and performance in the process of scientific research.
4- Strengthening the channels and mechanisms linking scientific research organizations with public and private production and service sectors that require and benefit from scientific research. This contributes to the financing and marketing of scientific research and links it to current and future development needs.